Мы арендуем сервер в дата-центре МногоБайт. Карамигамига из рекламы мегфона Индастриал 0: The music is minimal and could be useful as a background audio on your website, travel video, hi-tech technology project. Modern, fresh, energetic, motivational dance pop music for incredible projects. Good for promotional videos, love stories, indie travel videos, movie trailers, film scores, TV ads, YouTube videos, corporate presentations, and more! The classic warm rhythm of the conga «Tumbao» and the Afro-Cuban «Guaguanco» will have your audience dancing right from the start. This is very boombastic and danceable track.

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And now science proves that to be the case.

The human brain extrvel differently to sad music versus happy music. Fun, positive, joyful, upbeat, inspirational and motivational acoustic background track extragel a happy melody of whistles, ukulele and bells. Perfect for media projects, fashion shows, Youtube, vlogs, lifestyle videos, stylish commercial.

This gentle track can be perfect background music for any project like inspirational narration, travel video, catchy Youtube story, technology videos, innovate videos, education and other lovely media. Fresh, energetic, modern dance track with a tropical mood for incredible projects such as youtube videos, fitness workout videos, beauty vlogs, or presentation.

This is beautiful, emotional and lovely folk-pop music with inspiring and optimistic atmosphere. Они расположены в Бахчисарайском районе на отрогах Средней горной гряды м над уровнем моря.


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This is a happy and optimistic acoustic indie folk music, full of fun and joy. Such as fashion show catwalk, youtube videos, inspiring lifestyle, fitness workout, travel journey, beauty vlogs, and more. This track is ideal for YouTube, social media videos as well as advertising and presentations. Good for travel videos, futuristic extrxvel, innovative presentations and every day listening. Здесь нет заснеженных вершин Кавказа, ревущих муыка рек Карпат.

Fresh, energetic, summer dance music for your incredible projects. Modern lush tropical house with professional sound quality.

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This is very boombastic and danceable track. Ветерочки Русская народная музыка. This track is suitable for advertising, commercials, promo videos, happy advertisement, cartoon animation, YouTube educative content and other projects.

Upbeat, carefree and eextravel acoustic guitar track. This track can be used as a soft musical background for websites, computer games, tv or radio jingles, advertising and commercial inspiring video, wedding or nature slideshows, time-lapse videos.

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Белые птицы Наталья Пчелинцева. Мы арендуем сервер в дата-центре МногоБайт. This is perfect background music for travel vlogs, summer videos, музкыа promotion, dance party. Great as background music for motivational projects, innovation technologies, traveling videos, advertising, business presentations, the unforgettable journey, and stories of success.


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Fits a different kind of production like youtube video, TV commercial, advertising, vlog, presentation, family travel, happy kids and more! DJ Val remix Хаус 3: Совесть вызываемого абонента Панк 0: Mixi — Только я и ты Танцевальный поп 3: Mixi — Текила Фанк 3: Uplifting, groovy and powerful composition.

This is a sweet pop-rock song, played by guitars, drums and e-organ. Positive and sunny tune for technology and business presentations, travel inspirational Youtube videos, success stories, an unforgettable journey, slideshow. Energetic future chill music track with a romantic feel. In the style of Clean Bandits.

This is cool future chill music with relaxed vibe downtempo mood and modern atmosphere. ExTravel — Клуб eextravel путешествий по Крыму. A powerful and dynamic middle eastern track, featuring traditional ethnical instrumentation, like saz and driving rhythm section and percussion.